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Journal of Health and Medical Sciences

Journal of the Faculty of Health Sciences of the University of Tarapacá, Chile. It is the continuation of the Journal of Health Sciences and Medicine and is published quarterly. It covers the following periods: number 1, between January and March; number 2, between April and June; number 3, between July and September; and number 4, between October and December. The abbreviation of his title is J. health med. sci., which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, legends, and bibliographical references.

Volume 10

Volume 10, Numero 1

January - March 2024

World report on levels of exposure to ionizing radiation in medicine. How is Chile?

Carlos Ubeda de la Cerda

Implementation and initial experience of prehabilitation program for oncological patients in a public hospital in Santiago, Chile

Pascale Sallaberry S., Catalina San Martín C., Sebastián Bernard R., Javiera Silva T., Eugenio Grasset E., Marcelo Yáñez L., Jorge Matute V.6, Julio Jiménez L.

Techniques for planning radiosurgery stereotactic intracranial treatments with a linear accelerator and cylindrical cones (our experience)

Hernández, E.,; Ortega, M.

Nutritional program for food selectivity in children’s with autism spectrum

Vannia Jara, Camila Aros, Daniela Ibacache

Use of platelet rich fibrin (A-PRF) in patients at high risk of osteonecrosis of the jaws associated with bisphosphonates. Review of the literature and case report

Gahona O., Argandoña J., Moncada S.

Management of Polyglobulia in a case of Gynecological Surgery

Sergio Sidgman; Daniel Moraga; Fernando Moraga; Felipe Gajardo; Miguel Cornejo; Christopher Martinez; Andrés Valenzuela; Mirko Sepulveda Nina

Mecanismos celulares subyacentes a la radiosensibilidad tumoral y del tejido normal

Fabio Andrés Chaves-Campos, Fernando Ortíz Morales and Melissa Vasquez Cerdas

Clinical-epidemiological characterization of cervical cancer

Arguello, Mario; Tamayo, Patricia; Pulla, Johnny; Morquecho, Walter

¿Es posible confirmar casos de abuso físico infantil por medio de las contribuciones del diagnóstico por imagen?

Jamile Menezes dos Santos; Laise Marcele Menezes dos Santos; Guillermo Alberto López; Vinicius Oliveira Casais

Guillain Barré syndrome type AMAN, brain death simulator. Case report

Máximo Sosa Cayo, Mirko Sepúlveda Nina, Daniel Moraga Muñoz, Joaquín Lazcano Verdejo